The CSLEA Foundation


Consumer Protection & Public Safety

At the California Statewide Law Enforcement Association (CSLEA), we are passionate about consumer protection and public safety.  It is that passion that led to the creation of the CSLEA Foundation.  The foundation's mission is two-fold:

  • To educate Californians, especially the most vulnerable, on how to best protect themselves from being hurt, financially or physically.
  • And to assist, through scholarships,  in the higher education of students seeking degrees in fields related to the protection, safety or well-being of others.

Consumer Protection and Public Safety Seminars and Videos

As leaders in California's fight against illegal activity, who better to educate the citizens of California on how to best protect themselves from fraudulent activity such as  identity theft,  prescription medicine schemes, staged vehicle accidents, scams that drain bank get the picture.  CSLEA members are law enforcement, public safety and/or consumer protection professionals who work for the State of California and lend their crime-fighting expertise at seminars for those who request them. 



The CSLEA Foundation can often be found at consumer protection town halls hosted by California State Assemblymembers and Senators in their districts.  These town halls are often designed for senior citizens, veterans or immigrant communities - the three segments of our society most targeted by unscrupulous individuals who are out to steal from all of us.  Our public safety professionals empower Californians with the knowledge they need to protect themselves against consumer fraud and public safety threats to their lives and families.

In addition the CSLEA Foundation uses its website and social media to keep the public apprised of the latest scams, schemes and rip-offs and public safety tips.

CSLEA Foundation Scholarships

The CSLEA Foundation prides itself in offering scholarships each year to CSLEA members and their immediate family members who are seeking assistance with the expense of higher education.  The scholarship committee has traditionally awarded approximately eight $1,000 scholarships annually and continues to seek tax deductable donations to fund this endeavor.