Tom Ineichen, Committee Member

President - California Association of Regulatory Investigators and Inspectors (CARII)

The California Association of Regulatory Investigators and Inspectors Mr. Ineichen (In-I-Kin) leads are the state"s green police, home protectors, and product safety experts who make the environment we breathe and the waters our commerce travels on cleaner, as well as ensuring the goods and services we buy are up to legal code.

Mr. Ineichen"s investigators and inspectors are on patrol, looking for polluting auto emissions, oil spills, and contaminated ballast water. CARII members hunt down and arrest fly-by-night contractors as well as cite unscrupulous auto mechanics and dealers, pest-control operators, and unhygienic barbers and beauty parlors. Although they aren"t particularly fond of the title, Mr. Ineichen"s group also includes the toaster cops and mattress police.

Mr. Ineichen is currently an inspector with California"s Structural Pest Control Board, working a 28-county region examining negligence, fraud, and misapplication complaints against faulty pest control operators whose shoddy work can actually cause some homes to explode or lead to deaths.

Before joining state service in 1996, he was in the pest control industry for 15 years and before that, spent five years in construction. A native California, Mr. Ineichen currently makes his home in Sacramento with his wife and four children.

In his spare time, he organizes charity golf tournaments, helps mentor at-risk youths, and restores old homes.

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