Tip of the Week - October 19, 2015 - Is Someone Scratching Your Lotto Scratcher Tickets Before You Are?

We all want luck to be on our side when purchasing California Lotto Scratcher tickets, but what if someone is wiping out your odds of winning by knowingly selling you losing lotto tickets?  Unfortunately it's happening.  A few unscrupulous merchants are scratching before you are, exposing a tiny code at the bottom of tickets that vendors can enter into a lottery computer to determine if the ticket is a winner.  The merchant cashes in the winning tickets and sells the losers to the public.  

What should you do?  Examine the tickets you're purchasing for any areas that have already been scratched and make sure there are no numbers showing at the bottom of the ticket. If you suspect you have been sold a tampered lottery ticket, call 1-800-LOTTERY.