CSLEA Foundation Assist Seniors With Fraud Prevention

"Our senior citizens have worked a lifetime for what they have, I want them to be able to continue to enjoy their golden years." - Kenny Ehrman, CSLEA FOP Lodge 77 Vice President and CSLEA Foundation Chairperson

FRESNO - Few things infuriate CSLEA FOP Lodge 77 Vice President and CSLEA Foundation Chairperson Kenny Ehrman more, than seeing senior citizens in our state being taken advantage of and/or losing their life savings to a scam artist.  That's why Ehrman travels the state emceeing or participating in fraud prevention town halls, often sponsored by California assemblymembers and senators in their districts.


"It is so important for us as law enforcement officers to reach out to our seniors, visit with them face to face, discuss what's going on with scammers and their latest attempts to rip off people, and if need be, sit one on one with seniors and help them solve some of their issues.   We never want our senior citizens to feel embarrassed or ashamed, we are here to help," said Ehrman.

Ehrman's most recent presentation took place at a Fresno town hall hosted by Assemblymember Henry Perea on November 17, 2015. 

"They were a fantastic group of individuals, open to learning new ways to best protect themselves," said Ehrman.  "I certainly enjoyed their questions and, quite frankly, their company. "