Tip of the Week – December 13, 2016 – Safeguard Your Home Against Burglars This Holiday Season

It's the holiday season and less-than-honest people looking to gain access to your home are well aware that gifts are being purchased , wrapped, and stored inside.  So what steps can you take to better safeguard your home against burglars?

"Keep indoor and outdoor lights on during appropriate times, by using a timer if you'll be absent from the home," saidCSLEA Foundation Chairman Kenny Ehrman.  "Keep gifts out of sight, away from windows and doors.   When answering your door, only open the door slightly to prevent the person on the doorstep from seeing inside."

Other suggestions to guard against home burglaries:

·        Don't leave mail, newspapers or flyers on your door or doorstep.

·        Don't mention when you'll be attending parties or taking holiday trips on social media.

·        Lock all doors and windows (if a repair person has recently asked to use your restroom, be sure to check the bathroom window to ensure it is locked).

·        Make sure your alarm control pad is not visible from windows or glass doors.

·        Consider leaving on the radio or television.

·        Don't hide keys or garage door openers under welcome mat or on front porch.

"Most of this is common sense stuff," said Ehrman. "Butwe all get busy and have a lot of distractions this time of year.  Just be aware that burglars step up their game this time of year."