Tip of the Week - September 8, 2016 - Take Steps to Protect Your Catalytic Converter from Theft

They are still at it!  Thieves crawling under vehicles and sawing off catalytic converters which they in turn sell for money.  The catalytic converters contain expensive metals that thieves cash in on at recycling centers.  The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office reported at least six thefts during the last week of August.  Thieves generally arrive in the dark of night and within a matter of minutes take what they are after.

Replacing a catalytic converter is expensive.  The device is attached to the exhaust system beneath the vehicle and works to reduce bad emissions. 

When the number of thefts involving catalytic converters began to rise, crime fighters advised vehicle owners to engrave their license plate number on the device to make it traceable.   There are other steps vehicle owners can take as well:

·        Park in a well-lit area.

·        Don't park in deserted areas of a parking lot or garage.

·        Use a vehicle alarm which will sound when your vehicle is jarred.

·        Secure the converter to the vehicle's frame with steel welded to the frame.

Remember to report catalytic converter theft to your local law enforcement department.