Tip of Week – January 20, 2017 - Don’t Make it a Steal for Thieves to Take Your Vehicle

It’s hard to believe this statistic – but according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, in 2015, every six and a-half minutes, a thief stole a vehicle in which the driver had left the key or FOB inside.  That amounted to 57,096 vehicles, up 31 percent from 2013.  

Thieves have an even greater opportunity of stealing vehicles with keys or FOBs inside during the winter when some drivers “warm” up their unlocked, unattended vehicles on chilly mornings.

“We all get busy, and certainly we have a sense of security warming up our cars in our own driveways,” said CSLEA Foundation Chairperson Kenny Ehrman.  “Never leave your running vehicle unlocked and unattended.  And never leave a key or FOB in the car.   Keep in mind, car thieves won’t stop at your car.  If your garage door opener is in the vehicle, they’ll try to get into your house.   If they’ve taken your car from a location other than your home, and your registration is in your glove compartment with your address on it, they can often get to your home before you even know your car has been taken.”

Lock your vehicle – be sure to remove keys, FOBs, garage door openers and valuables.
Consider taking a picture of your registration on your cell phone and removing the paper registration, along with other items that contain personal information from your vehicle.
Don’t leave your unlocked vehicle running and unattended.  Some cities and states have laws making it illegal to leave your vehicle running while unlocked and unattended, even in your driveway.

By the way, the state that reported the most vehicle thefts with keys or FOBs inside was CALIFORNIA.

NICB press release