Tip of the Week – November 30, 2017 - Beware of Porch Pirates and Other Naughty Thieves

11-30-2017 3-27-20 PM.jpg

You don’t have to venture beyond a local police department’s facebook page to note that thieves have pushed their illegal activity into hire gear this holiday season.   For example, the Ventura Police Department reports, that in just seven days it took reports on:

  • Seven home burglaries
  • Four vehicle burglaries
  • Five stolen vehicles
  • 14 thefts from unlocked vehicles
  • Seven catalytic converter thefts
  • Six package thefts.

“We tend to get busy with holiday shopping and chores and get distracted from our safety routines, like locking doors,” said CSLEA Foundation Chair Kenny Ehrman.  “In addition, we have to be aware of porch pirates, those awful people who follow parcel delivery trucks and steal packages seconds after they have been dropped off at residences.  Some law enforcement departments are using biat packages with GPS devices to catch porch pirates.  I say, awesome job, keep it up.”

What can you do to protect your property?

  • If possible, have your packages sent to your office.
  • Require a signature confirmation upon delivery
  • Have the shipper hold your package at their pick-up facility until you can pick it up.
  • Provide delivery instructions to shipper so packages can be left in a location out of plain sight.
  • Have your packages delivered to a friend, relative or neighbor who is home during the day.
  • Sign up for delivery text message or email alerts.
  • Lock home and vehicle doors.
  • Don’t leave gifts in plain sight (at home or in the car).
  • Park your vehicle in a well-lit area.