Tip of the Week - February 9, 2017 – Plunging into Potholes? Get your vehicle checked out.

With this winter’s many atmospheric rivers, you may have noticed you’re dodging more and more potholes on surface streets and freeways.  Potholes are caused by excessive water in the soil beneath the asphalt and vehicles passing over the fragile infrastructure.

Plunging into a pothole, no matter how small, can cause damage to your tires, rims and steering alignment.   Be sure to have your vehicle inspected to prevent further damage that could impact your safety out on the road.

Is it possible to avoid potholes and the problems associated with them? Not always, but you can increase the odds by:

  • Keeping your tires properly inflated.
  • Leave enough space between you and the vehicle in front of you, giving you the opportunity to see a pothole ahead.
  • Reduce your speed in wet weather.

“Ask tow truck drivers and tire store employees, this is a big problem this winter,” said CSLEA Foundation Chairperson Kenny Ehrman.   “Play it safe, slow down, and by all means have your vehicle checked out, for your safety and your pocketbook.  Small problems can quickly become big problems when you’re driving on a damaged tire or rim.”