Tip of Week - September 18, 2017 - Watch Out for Wildlife Week


California residents who live in wildlife-prone areas are accustomed to slowing down and preparing for unexpected obstructions in the road such as a large deer, a bear, skunk or racoon.   Because animal behavior changes in the Fall months, September 18-24, 2017 is Watch out for Wildlife Week.

“This week is designed to remind all of us that vehicle versus wildlife collisions go up this time of year and we should be especially cautious, particularly in the early morning and evening,” said CSLEA Foundation Chairman Kenny Ehrman.  “These beautiful creatures have mating and foraging for food on their minds and pay little attention to people barreling down the road.  Play it safe, slow down, expect the unexpected, especially on curves and blind spots.”

Drivers are urged to be extra cautious on the roads between now and December. According to the Road Ecology Center at UC Davis, in California, six drivers and at least 23,000 large wildlife died in wildlife-vehicle collisions last year. By paying closer attention, drivers can help reduce the frequency of these collisions. Please Watch Out for Wildlife!

  • Reduce speed in wildlife areas so you can react safely.
  • Pay close attention when driving during the morning and evening as wildlife are most active during these times.
  • If you see an animal cross the road, expect that others may be following.
  • Don’t litter, the odors may entice animals to venture near roadways.