Tip of the Week - January 18, 2018 - Beware of Extortion Letters that Arrive in Your Mailbox

With all the scams that take place these days via electronic devices, it can actually be an eye opener, to once again, read about extortion scams arriving in your postal box. The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that one of its residents recently found a blackmail letter in his mailbox.  The letter (see below) obtained information that can be obtained through the internet, but had one glaring error – the recipient isn’t married. 

Scam artists will stop at nothing and the best way to get you to act the way they want you to, is to scare you and to show they have information about you. Take a deep breath and contact your local law enforcement office.  If it seems suspicious, it likely is.

Be aware of:

  • The amount and type of personal information you share online.
  • If a letter is threatening, turn it over to law enforcement.
  • Don’t react hastily to threats or demands for money.
  • Know that these types of unscrupulous people are out there and this can happen to you.