Tip of the Week - March 6, 2018 - Check License Plate # and Photo of Uber & Lyft Drivers


When your Uber or Lyft driver arrives to pick you up from a location, are you sure to check the license plate number, type of car, and photo of the driver as provided by your ride-hailing service?  It’s imperative to your safety to do so.  There are now numerous reports of rape and sexual assault involving predators who show up at nightclubs and other locations, asking “Did you call for Uber?”  Unsuspecting women have gotten into cars with these predators and been attacked.

“We have become very trusting getting into cars with drivers we don’t know,” said CSLEA Foundation President Kenny Ehrman.  “These sexual predators are posing as drivers and picking up passengers from bars and nightclubs and committing sexual assaults.  When passengers are tired and have been drinking they may not be as careful as they should be.”

Always check the license plate number, the vehicle type and the photo of the driver as provided by Uber or Lyft.  Never get into a car in which the license plate, vehicle type, or driver photo doesn’t match the ones sent by Uber or Lyft.