Tip of Week – October 7-13, 2018 Fire Prevention Week

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If a fire breaks out in your home, chances are you’ll have just moments to escape. That’s why an escape plan, and practicing that plan, is so important. If you don’t have a plan in place, Fire Prevention Week is a great time to put one together.

“Whether you have guests spending the night, or it’s just family at home, everyone should be aware of at least two exits from every room in your house,” said CSLEA Foundation Chair Kenny Ehrman. “If you live in a two-story home, consider keeping portable fire escape ladders under the bed or in a closet of the upstairs bedrooms, offices and game rooms. Every second will count, so make that ladder accessible.”

Other escape planning tips include:

  • Make sure all doors and windows leading outside can be easily opened.

  • Close doors behind you as you leave.

  • Practice your escape plan.

  • Have a meeting place outside and a safe distance from your home.

  • Teach children how to get out of the house on their own in case you can’t assist them.

  • If there is smoke, get down low as you exit.

  • Call the fire department from outside of our home.

“Remember, smoke detectors save lives, be sure yours are working and that you replace the batteries every six months,” said Ehrman. “When an alarm sounds, it’s time to get out.”