Tip of the Week - May 25, 2016 - Know What Type of Fraudulent Activity is Taking Place in Your Community

So you think you're the only one getting a call from a scammer claiming to be from the IRS?  Check out AARP's improved Scam-Tracking map and find out what fraudulent activity is going on in your neighborhood.

In addition to finding out what other law-abiding citizens are reporting, you can report your own experiences, as well.  

"This is a great  tool and very user-friendly," said CSLEA Foundation Chairman Kenny Ehrman.  "The Better Business Bureau also has a Scam Tracker.   It makes it very easy for you to let the BBB and other consumers know what you've experienced.  The more we share information and shine a spotlight on scam artists and what they're up to, the quicker they'll move on or get caught.  Together, we can make a difference."

Check out AARP's Scam-Tracking Map here

Visit the BBB Scam Tracker here.