Tip of the Week - June 2, 2016 - Scammers Target College Students, Demanding Federal Student Tax Money

College students, beware.  The Federal Trade Commission has received complaints about scam artists who are calling students and demanding they pay a federal student tax.  There is no such thing as a "federal student tax."  Hang up.

"These unscrupulous individuals are convincing because they have information about these kids,"  said CSLEA Foundation Chairman Kenny Ehrman.  "They know the name of the school the student is attending, or some other type of information and they demand the tax money be wired to them.  Just hang up.  They are not from the IRS as they claim to be.  The IRS sends letters before they ever call someone.   And there's no such thing as a federal student tax."

Have you, or someone you know,  recently received one of these calls?  You can report the information to the Federal Trade Commission.