Tip of Week – November 6, 2018 - Pedestrian Safety Tips as Daylight Hours Decrease

11-6-2018 1-27-29 PM.jpg

As we head into late fall and early winter, and fall back to standard time, you’ll notice our days are growing shorter and that means some pedestrians who might typically walk in daylight, are now walking in the dark. Please review these safety tips so that, as a pedestrian, you can be seen and not hurt!

• Wear bright and/or reflective clothing and shoes

• Make eye contact with approaching drivers before crossing a street

• Carry a flashlight

• Use crosswalks

• Do not dart out between parked cars

• If walking on a road that doesn’t have sidewalks, walk facing oncoming traffic

• If listening to music, keep volume low enough to hear approaching bikes, vehicles and possible danger

• Never tried to out-dash a vehicle

• Walk in a well-lit area

“Lots of times, this time of the year, we find ourselves walking and also driving in the dark when we may not be used to it,” said CSLEA Foundation Chairperson Kenny Ehrman. “It’s okay to slow down a bit to compensate for this, if you’re driving, and if you’re walking, always pay attention to your surroundings and wear bright clothing. If you have children walking with you in the dark, keep them near you, and look for possible tripping hazards like tree roots and cracked sidewalks.”